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About us

A purpose born in July 2019 that aims to add value to new talents on youth squad football in Africa, preparing them for the global market. We commit to providing young athletes with the best possible support in the physical, tactical, and psychological aspects, fostering a winner's mindset.


We believe that success is not only measured by on-field results, but also by the athlete's development as a person of character, both on and off the field. We work with honesty, humility, and focus to co-create the future of our athletes and their families. We are a highly professional, young team that operates with passion and joy, believing in the power of education to nurture individuals with social awareness for the next generation.


We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients and partners, based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. Our goal is to become a reference in the sports management market, recognized for our professionalism and dedication in helping young talents achieve their dreams.

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Mauro Galvão

Born in Brazil, raised in London, England, where he established his professional career in the real estate finance industry. He envisioned a social project in Africa aimed at transforming the mindset of young athletes, a endeavor that evolved into something larger and more structured, now known as SIMFUTE.


He currently serves as the CEO of the company, taking the lead in athlete representation. His extensive knowledge in the finance and business sectors, coupled with his passion for football, make him a pivotal figure in shaping the company and forging strategic partnerships to promote SIMFUTE's values and initiatives worldwide.

"SIM Sports provided us with the opportunity to compete in the MIC Cup in Costa Brava, Spain. Thank you for the support and care. The main goal of SIM Sports is to provide opportunities in football and life for football athletes in the European market."

Edmílson , Former Footballer

1x FIFA World Cup champion For Brazil 
1x UEFA Champions League 
For FC Barcelona 
3x French Champion 
For Olympic Lyon

Our Project


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